You may hear the name PIPFALL and think, "what does that mean?!"

The creators of PIPFALL took their love for dice games and Cornhole and came up with the concept of PIPFALL. The game challenges players who love the thrill that comes with playing dice games and those who challenge themselves to master set skills in bag toss. 

The legendary Greek Palamedes invented dice during Troy's siege and dice rolling games have been around for years and are known as the oldest gaming implements known to man. On dice, "pips" are the small dots on each face of a standard six-sided die. In gaming history, especially professional accredited sports, A pitfall is defined as a hidden or unsuspected danger or difficulty. 

So combining the word pips and the word pitfall, the creators came up with PIPFALL! 

PIPFALL is played with standard Cornhole boards placed 27 feet apart but instead of using Cornhole bags, you use our custom dice. What sets the two games apart is; PIPFALL play includes specific scoring that coordinates with the numbered dice, and unlike Cornhole, you do NOT want to land the die into the hole. 

Landing your dice into the hole in PIPFALL causes you to lose points, making the game more challenging for loyal Cornhole players and exciting for those who struggle to score points in a regular game of Cornhole.

Now that you know the history behind the PIPFALL name and some key points on how PIPFALL differs from Cornhole, what are you waiting for? Drop the bags and grab your dice today! Shop now.



May 25, 2021

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