We’re celebrating our one-year mark from launching PIPFALL! Our goal was to find a way to keep your families entertained during the 2020 pandemic lockdown and PIPFALL has now grown into one of the hottest new yard games. PIPFALL, being a spin on cornhole, has made it even more exciting for cornhole enthusiasts or regular game players to want to add something new to their outdoor activities.

Pips Challenges
Throughout the year we’ve encouraged and continuously made efforts to grow within the cornhole community while creating a community of our own. This led us to what we now call Pips Challenges. These challenges promote unique gameplay using the dice and players can create their own set of house rules for various types of games.

Here are some of our Favorite Pips Challenges that have been submitted by our community.

The Straight Shot Challenge
Players throw all six dice during their turn. The player with the highest rolled straight ( 4, 5, 6) wins. The loser? Well, you get to decide what they do.

The Heater Challenge
Players throw 3 dice each and continue to throw only with the dice that landed on board from the previous frame. Any dice that does not land on the board or that goes into the hole is removed from gameplay. A player's turn ends when they have no dice left to throw. The highest total score wins.

ACO Tournaments
PIPFALL Continues our partnership with the American Cornhole Organization (ACO). ACO will be hosting national PIPFALL tournaments at each of its Majors. The PIPFALL team will be attending tournaments hosted in Owensboro, Kentucky, and Knoxville, Tennessee in January 2022. The PIPFALL team will also be present at ACO Worlds in Branson, Missouri in July.

Baxter Management x PIPFALL Holiday Incentive
To close out the year PIPFALL participated in Baxter Management’s 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Initiative. Baxter management awarded a total of twelve thousand dollars ( $1,000 each) to local nonprofit organizations and six thousand dollars ($500 each) to local families in its community this holiday season. These organizations and local families play a special role in the advancement and growth of Maury County and Baxter Management is excited to be a part of that growth.

Coming 2022 PIPFALL will be launching some new products for fans. Looking for some PIPFALL swag. New jersey designs and tumblers will be making their debut

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PIPFALL will be a featured exhibit at the Toy Association’s Toy Fair New York. With over 30,000 play professionals, 100 countries, PIPFALL is excited to be one of the thousands of exhibitors gathering to share new toys, exchange ideas, meet and pitch to partners and so much more.

December 31, 2021

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