How to Play Race to 100

Rules Overview:
PIPFALL® is played either as singles or 2-player teams (team play).
The same playing area and rules are used for singles and team play.

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Standard Cornhole boards

Boards are placed 27 feet apart from front edge to front edge.
Foul line is considered the front edge of the board pitching from.

Game Play:
Determining who pitches first: Any fair method can be used such as a coin toss, one dice toss each for the highest value, etc. The winner has the option to choose pitching side, or to pitch first.

The Pitch:
1. Singles play one board at a time and stay in their designated lane for the whole game. For team play, players remain in their original position throughout the entire game.
2. Players must deliver the bag with an underhand release.
3. If the player crosses the foul line during release, that dice does not count for the frame.
4. Each player or team alternates pitching dice until all three of that player’s/team’s dice have been pitched.
5. Singles walk to the end of their lane to the other board, take score and resume pitching back to the other board. For team play, the non-pitching side takes score and then begins their frame.

1. Each dice is awarded the numerical value of that dice based on the number of PIPs showing.
2. Dice must come to rest completely on the board (no part touching the ground) to earn points.
3. A leaner is a dice that is not flat against the surface of the board. For example, the dice is positioned where players cannot determine which PIP value to assign, or the dice leans against another dice on the board.
     a. A leaner can only be counted as a leaner if all dice have been thrown for the frame.
     b. A leaner is given a value of three (3) points.
4. A player that rolls the same PIP value for each of their three (3) dice will receive double points for that round with the following exceptions:
     a. If any dice is considered a leaner
     b. If all three dice are not on the board
5. Any dice that is thrown or pushed into the hole on the board is a “Dice in Hole” and will receive minus three points (-3 points) for that dice.
6. Negative points accrued during any round apply only to that round and do not carry forward. Negative points at the end of any completed round will be given the score of zero (0) for that round, with the lowest score for a player during any round being zero (0).
Example: Player One has played all three of their dice: First dice was a “Dice in Hole” (-3 points); Second dice landed on 4 (4 points); Third dice was a “Dice in Hole” (-3 points). Since Player One is in the negative, Player One’s total for that round is zero (0).
7. Games are played to 100 and must be won by at least two (2) points. Players keep total points each round. You do NOT net points each round in Race to 100.




PIPFALL is a brand-new way to play with a cornhole board! Players toss dice and score points based on the number of pips – the dots on the dice – that land face-up on the board. Be careful!  Landing a "dice in the hole" with PIPFALL subtracts points.  If you’ve already got cornhole boards, all you need is the PIPFALL dice! With multiple ways to play, discover your next favorite yard game with PIPFALL.  A wonderful game for BBQ's , Outdoor Gatherings and also safe for indoor play. Try the latest yard game today! 

Your PIPFALL game comes complete with:

  • 3 Red PIPFALL Dice
  • 3 Blue PIPFALL Dice
  • Drawstring Carrying Case
  • Instructions & How to Play

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